You are so beautiful!!! <3 I love your hair and makeup. You should get a youtube account and do tutorials like how you get ready in the morning, how you clip in your extensions, and how you do your makeup. PLEASE!!!!

Thanks Means A Lot (:

What kind of camera do you use?

Its A Fuji Film Camera

You have such lushes hair. You're so cute looking. Ugh I just want to cuddle with you /.\ how old are you btw?

Why Thanks , And Im 17 (:

Can you pretty please post a video on youtube of your make up and a curly hair tutorial ♥♥♥

Um I Had Before , I Slack On Them :c
And Takes Forever To Download On YouTube .-.

Wht do yu use to curl yur hair? and do yu alternate the curls?

I Use This Spiral Curler
I Bought At Target Its A Revelon Curling Iron For 20$
I Took Out The Handle And I Made It As A Wand (: